You ask, we answer

What is "Rising cinema: a new generation of European
cinema ambassadors"?

It is a program for young people who want to learn about European cinema.

Which movie theaters are participating?

Kaunas cinema centre “Romuva” (Kaunas, Lithuania), Cineclube de Tavira (Tavira, Portugal), Cinema Insuflavel (Porto, Portugal).

What I will learn?

You will learn movie history, film genres, directing, composition, the work of a film programmer, the principles of podcast creation, the development of audiences, etc.

Can I join the program?

Everybody from age 15 to 25 years old can join the program. All you need to do is fill the registration form and create a 1 minute video themed “I am”. Tell us about yourself or surprise us with your creativity.

Does it cost something?

No! All activities are for free.

How many movies will I watch?

You will have 8 movie screenings with cinema history lessons. Also you can attend as many screenings as you want for free.

How many workshops per month will I have?

You will have 2-4 cinema lectures per month with cinema professionals and 2-4 podcast and / or article writing workshops with mentors.

How can I express myself?

We know that all of you are unique in your own shape and form. That's why we make a platform for you to be yourself and to show the world what you truly think. Throughout the duration of the program, you will create a podcast, in which you will talk about the films you watched, interview people from the world of cinema, and discuss other current issues in cinema. Also, during the program, you will write articles about the films you have seen and workshops you had.

Can I decide what movies will be shown in the movie theater?

At the end of the program you will create a cycle of three films that will be screened in three movie theaters. You will have to search for the films you want to show, communicate with film distributors, prepare the film's description and communication.